Why is Facebook Advertising Management needed?

There is a common myth about Facebook advertising being a “turn-it-on and forget about it” platform. The truth is that Facebook ads need continuous monitoring, improvement and refinement. The Increasio staff cares about your marketing efforts in Facebook and considers itself your partner in communications with customers, branding and revenue growth.

Some highlights:


We continuously research and improve the targeting in finding ideal audiences. We use lookalike audiences to make certain that our advertising gets attention and achieves marketing goals.


Increasio connects psychology with advertising. We write valuable, understandable and rememberable messages to your audience. This dramatically improves the likelihood of bonding between the Facebook ad and the customer.


We design attention catching ads that convert people who are browsing into interested customers.

Increasio strategy is uniquely designed for your business.

By working with us you’ll get our full service menu of Facebook advertising management which ranges from marketing research all the way up to continuous optimization and scale. We care about the finest details of your campaign.

This is what we offer:

Regular strategy calls

We talk about strategies, improvements and discuss reports.

Weekly reports

Weekply emails with understandable and useful reports.

Continuous improvements

Our goal is improve, scale and keep people interested in your business.

Increasio is your Facebook marketing partner who you can rely on.

Our approach perfectly fits any type of business. No matter where are you operating, Increasio can help you achieve your marketing goals. We have successfully managed advertising for SaaS platforms, financial services, e-commerce websites and small local business all around the world. 

Contact us to talk about your business goals and how Increasio can help you achieve them.