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10 Common Mistakes when Creating a Website and How to Avoid them

Some websites became successful right from the beginning, some does not. Let's dive deeper into the reasons and find out how to avoid common mistakes.

Let's begin with the most common mistake:

1. Outdated technologies

There are many technologies that are outdated, and they are slow, vulnerable, and hard to scale. They were developed several years ago and lost their actuality. For example, Wordpress has hard to scale structure, when adding plugins, the website became slower and as a result, you may end up with a slow, hard-to-scale website which can lead to unexpected expenses.

2. Missing development plan

It is important to understand where you want to go with your website. A correct development plan with functionality and overall goals will help to direct everyone involved in the process of website creation in the right direction.

3. Incompatible technologies

It is important to pick the right technologies that are compatible with each other. Otherwise, you may end up with additional development costs or even with unavailability to create desired function or integration. At Increasio we help to avoid these mistakes through a detailed discussion of each project.

4. Infrastructure choices

Infrastructure is the core of every application and website. There are thousands of hosting providers, cloud platforms, and making a wrong choice can lead to high but unnecessary bills, scaling problems, or even security breaches. Proper choices based on the development plans will help not only to get a fast and secure website that works as it is intended to but also cut unnecessary bills, scale with ease, and protect your website.

5. Code structure

It is a common mistake when a website was created with a code structure, that isn't easy to follow and understand. It applies to the cases when one person created it and later on when you want to update or scale or add something new you, or new people start spending time figuring out where exactly in the code is the function or design part. This can be avoided by following easy-to-understand code structure, following common sense in components splitting, and avoiding overcomplicating the codebase.

6. Missing design

Design is like a compass for developers. You need to have Figma, Adobe, or other design files preferably with both desktop and mobile versions, so you do not spend extra time and money on changes to the code, which will take more time than polishing design files. In addition, it is very helpful to have design guidelines.

7. Technical SEO

Some of the websites are being shipped and after start SEO work. This workflow leads to lost time and probable big changes on the go on the live website, and rework of the code structure. This is why it's important to place a technical SEO foundation in the early beginning of the development. As a result, you will cut search engine indexation time, and save money on additional unnecessary work. In our team, we have a dedicated SEO expert who helps to place a strong technical SEO foundation in every project.

8. Mobile version

Today, still many websites do not give enough attention to the mobile version of the website. In some cases over 50% of the visitors are using mobile phones, and bugs will cause lost customers. Our team can help you to create a perfect mobile version of your website, optimize the existing one or build a fresh one.

9. Version control

Seems like a simple thing - you need to host code somewhere to have historical changes and backups available. Still, in some cases, websites are hosted as they are. You need to use Github or Gitlab, or any other platform for code hosting. This will help to solve things quicker, and make sure the code is safe and has backups.

10. Missed updates

The importance of the updates is huge. Even if you do not plan to change design it is best practice to let your development company run constant updates, so you can benefit from new features, improved speed, or functionality. Sometimes major improvements will allow to optimize the codebase, improve website speed score, avoid vulnerabilities, and improve security.

Bonus Tip

There are additional tools that will help your website to be stronger and better such as Cloudflare, CDNs, security tools like captcha, and others. At Increasio we help companies and website owners to benefit from utilizing security tools, CDN, top-notch infrastructure, and help at every stage of the website development.

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