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We create sophisticated, secure, and fast Next.js websites. Simpler, faster, lighter, better.
  • Over 115 Next.js projects deliveredOur team has delivered various Next.js projects from landing pages and company websites up to complex web apps.

  • Vercel PartnersIncreasio is a partner of Vercel, creators of Next.js

  • Next.js ExpertsNext.js web development experts, we know more than the average agency or freelancer knows.

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We will develop website or web application for you using Next JS

We will develop website or web application for you using Next JS

At Increasio we are handling the full cycle of development - starting with Figma or Adobe design, design system, solid code foundation up to migration, and improvements to existing projects. Reach out to us to get a quote for your project!

Why Hire Next JS Developers from Increasio

At Increasio we have completed over 20 Next.js development projects. Our websites and applications are used by over 20 000 people every day. Our team is a development partner of Vercel, a company that stays behind Next.js. Companies from all around the world trust us. We value quality and security with sophisticated design. This approach reflects on every project we build.
Static Site Generation & Server Side Rendering

Hybrid Energy

Static Site Generation & Server Side Rendering

We build solutions that can be SSG or SSR or combined in a powerful synergy. No matter how big is your project - we can make your solution quick, secure, and reliable.

What is Next.js?

Next.js is one of the most advanced React frameworks. It is used in any size project and allows easy scaling with powerful functions making the Next.js application ready for production right from the start. Next.js website utilizes less JavaScript code and allows to save even more data and deliver website faster, than ever before. Increasio Next js development services utilize all features including hybrid Static Site Generation and Server Side Rendering resulting high quality, scalable, secure products.

Why Next.js?

Next.js is an open-source framework developed by Vercel. at Increasio we are using it for projects of any size and allows us to be flexible in terms of functions and server-side or static generation. With Next.js we help companies build fast, secure, and sophisticated solutions and enterprise-grade applications. Talk to us and we will be glad to tell you more about why Next.js will be an excellent choice for your new project.


Our team optimize every website and application for most of the devices. We are taking care about technical SEO.


We develop websites and applications secure right from the beginning. We are applying all standards and required measures to make sure vulnerable data will be secured safely.


At Increasio we love sophisitcated design - both visual and technical. We are applying high techical standarts to the code quality.


Next.js is can be easily integrated into almost any infrastructure and backend. Next.js can work with a big variety of npm packages created for React.


With a proper Next.js structure developed by the Increasio team, it will be easy to scale the project. We always keep in mind future needs and keep the code ready to be scaled.


Next.js is a great choice for SEO. With a proper structure and built-in tools for SEO websites and applications are getting top scores on Page Speed. We know how to make Next.js for any kind of search optimization needs.
More conversions, better performance

PageSpeed always green

More conversions, better performance

With the latest Next.js release brands are getting from 16% improvement in conversion performance. Your Page Speed will be always green. Our developments are responsive and work excellently on any device.
Why Increasio?

Why Increasio?

We are well-versed in the Next.js framework and we can build websites or applications of any size. Our expertise covers website development, application development, enterprise development, and eCommerce development using Next.js. Our team makes your website or application secure, and scalable right from the beginning.

FAQs for Next js Development

Most common answers about Next.js framework and development services we provide.
  • What is Next JS used for?

    Next.js React framework is used for websites and web applications development. This is a stable framework, flexible and scalable, with solid security and speed. It fits projects from small websites to big web applications.
  • How much does it cost to build an app in Next.js?

    The cost of Next.js application development relies on your unique requirements, functionality, and design. Send us a message today and we will do a free quote for your project!
  • How long does it take to build a Next.js website?

    The average time required to build the Next.js website is between 2 - 3 months. In some cases, it takes less time, in some more - depending on the requirements and functionality. Next.js web application takes between 6 - 8 months to develop, depending on the functionality.
  • Do you provide support for Next.js website?

    For every client, we offer support for the website with two different plans - monthly and hourly. We are happy to help you with continuous development and updates.
  • What alternatives does Next.js has?

    Next.js is a good choice for a website or application of any size. One of the alternatives we recommend to consider is Svelte. At Increasio we have Svelte developers team, available for hire.

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