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Why Has Jamstack Become so Popular?

The Jamstack is quickly becoming the go-to web architecture for many developers and businesses. This modern web development stack is made up of JavaScript, APIs, and Markup, which makes it incredibly efficient and cost-effective.

Jamstack is steadily gaining in popularity among developers as well as business owners and marketers. Another intriguing finding is that the number of Jamstack developers with less than a year of experience more than tripled between the years of 2021 and 2020, according to the Jamstack Community Survey 2021. In other words, an increasing number of developers have chosen to begin studying Jamstack.

To find out the reason for such an increase in the popularity of Jamstack, let’s consider this article in more detail.

Jamstack: Some Statistics

Since its creation in 2015, Jamstack has gained popularity as the go-to platform for creating static websites, occasionally in conjunction with a Headless CMS-connected content management system.

According to HTTP Archive, 1.1% of desktop websites in 2021 were powered by Jamstack, up from 0.69% the year before, reflecting an increasing interest in this architecture.

  • Compared to 2020, in 2021 more than 50% of websites were created in Jamstack.
  • 48% of eCommerce and tech companies want to start using Jamstack in the next year.

What Does Jamstack Stand For?

JAMstack stands for JavaScript, API, and Markup, a term coined by Matt Billmann, CEO of Netlify. Its name should only have one capital letter today because it's regarded as a contemporary method of developing websites rather than merely a collection of technology. It's also known as a Headless method of web development. The key to understanding Jamstack or Headless is to keep in mind that the fundamentals are about separating front-ends from back-ends.

What is Jamstack? Is it a Framework?

Jamstack is a modern web development architecture based on JavaScript, APIs, and Markup that is used to create static websites, web apps, and online marketplaces that are quick to load, effective, safe, and trustworthy. Jamstack is an alternative architecture for creating apps and websites rather than a particular technology or framework.

Jamstack and its Popularity

It's time to provide you with evidence that Jamstack's popularity has recently been increasing and that this trend is probably going to continue. Proofs:

  • Only 20% of tech and e-commerce enterprises claim to lack sufficient Jamstack understanding. The same organizations report having sufficient resources to work with Jamstack in 75% of cases. This strategy is already used by 30% of the organizations surveyed. This year, 48% of them wish to start utilizing Jamstack.

One key finding is that major corporations have been getting ready to implement Jamstack or Headless CMS for more than a year, and it's probable that the others will do the same. Furthermore, because these large corporations are prepared to make significant financial investments in this promising and well-established method of web development, they will establish new benchmarks.

Why choose Jamstack?

The desire to use the most recent technologies

Outstanding developer experience

By choosing Headless, developers can utilize their preferred tools and are not constrained to specific, antiquated solutions that are cumbersome, slow, and inefficient. Jamstack, among other things, aims to speed up the development process so that programmers may produce results more quickly and concentrate on what really counts.

A flexible approach

Web developers typically consider the whole developer experience provided by a given solution when choosing a tech stack. These choices could involve selecting programming languages, frameworks, static site generators, or other technological tools. Jamstack's static-dynamic architecture allows for a great deal of flexibility in terms of things like hosting and tool selection. As Jamstack projects are built on a microservices architecture, you can use a different solution for processing payments, making the website bilingual, performing searches, and other tasks in the latter situation than you can in the former.

Simple to maintain

Jamstack sites don't require round-the-clock maintenance. Developers can now focus on other tasks rather than troubleshooting minor issues or trying to figure out why the website crashed. Another benefit is that developers are much more easily able to update versions of various libraries and keep their own architecture and code. When working on the front-end, they are not reliant on the back-end layer.

Time reduction

Jamstack provides certain capabilities that speed up the development process, saving developers time. Reusability is one example—ready-made elements and functionalities that may be utilized repeatedly. Developers can connect the front-end layer to the existing content management system, allowing them to concentrate on it without worrying about invading a back-end. API connectivity that is seamless - instead of having to code things like payments from scratch, developers can simply link the Jamstack website to an API to handle them.

An active community

Jamstack's user base is expanding along with it, as is its community. Developers can get assistance from a variety of tutorials, tools with frequently updated repositories, and technical forums. Developers' rising interest in Jamstack leads to more inquiries, a wider forum for discussion, and a more intensive exchange of information. The headless approach is continually changing as new CMS, frameworks, and languages are developed.

A quick and organized learning process

Jamstack is fantastic from a learning standpoint since it allows developers to concentrate only on the "isolated" front-end layer without having to worry about the back-end significantly. It's a whole new method of becoming proficient that is built on mastering one area of information and skills before moving on to another and another. Additionally, learned skills can be used for different projects.

Satisfaction brought about by the project's better results

Good programmers seek the satisfaction of a job well done. Additionally, Jamstack aids developers in meeting criteria for websites, online shops, and applications, which are continually evolving and getting more complex. Developers should be pleased and proud of Jamstack websites as they get lighter, faster, more performant, and SEO-friendly. The delight also stems from the expanding possibilities that Jamstack offers. Frameworks, APIs, CMS, and other tools can be coupled in a wider variety of ways, enabling the usage of Jamstack in increasingly challenging and sophisticated projects.

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